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From Erik <maillist.apache-torque.2...@openstandards.net>
Subject Torque for database schema versioning and updates
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 06:59:02 GMT
Hello.  I'd like to create a component that helps to manage versioning
of the database and incremental updates of versions when a user runs a
new version of software for the first time.  I'm interested in using
torque as a component because of its ability to manage DDL in XML

By versioning I mean that I want a product to automatically update the
user's database schema incrementally until it matches the current
version of the product.  I did this a long time ago for a distributed
application in Visual Foxpro.  The application was self-updating when
the user ran a new release for a first time.  Because updates were
incremental, it was ok if a user skipped a version.  Each table was
versioned via schema detection logic, so it would perform alters on each
table to upgrade it to the next version, and repeat this cycle until the
database schema was completely up-to-date.

I need this in Java (JDBC), or more specifically, in J2EE as an EJB
component or library to be used by EJBs.  I'd like to create a component
that is general enough to work for any application.  Perhaps the
developer could create data schema definitions, table versioning logic
and incremental update logic in XML or in Java.  

I'd like to use Torque for a portion of the work, and code the rest. 
Can anyone describe how Torque can help and where I will need to fill in
the gaps?  Has anyone tried or thought about something like this?

Currently, I have an immediate need for this functionality in a
commercial application, but am completely open to the idea of open
sourcing the data schema versioning and automatic updating component as
this is not core to the commercial product.  


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