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From Emmanuel Florent <eflor...@devaki.org>
Subject Re: torque, torque-gui(devaki) creators
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 22:24:21 GMT
Is it the right list (at least at that time!, lol) ? 
got too much respect for ASF, i'd like to answer but I won't, will I ?

1) nextobjects-devel@lists.sourceforge.net (noisy from CVS)
2) nextobjects-user@lists.sourceforge.net (slow traffic)

Would you like to post again ?
I also would like to encourage anybody to join that project. 
(this is the right list, lol :) )


On Thu, 2004-02
19 at 18:23, Bogdan Vatkov wrote:
> Hi All,
> First of all, just to mention:
> I think devaki is pretty good, I use it since 12. Dec 2003 and 
> except the annoyng single buffer drawings (i see flickering) and some little bugs it
does all the things that it is supposed to do.
> I have some suggestions about some improvements: (some fore-thoughts first)
> I have extended the torque-generator process to cover all my tables with a corresponding

> JSPs and JavaBeans used in the JSPs that represent view (html tables) pages for browsing
> db table and edit a single record also. 
> and things like autogeneration of javascript menu for accessing the different pages
> (torque-gen extensions are some velocity templates and a little control.vm modifications
to have my templates processed)
> I have added "weblication" target  in the build-torque.xml to do execute all these templates.
> the final result is someting like phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin interfaces but much better:
it brings more user oriented representation of data
> for example on a row click in my (html)tables i have direct link (action) for the current
row to list all its child rows from another table (relations)
> or to create a new child and associate it to the just clicked row ...
> i discontinue this description but the main point here is that 
> based on torque (of course with some velocity templates packages) we could generate a
lot and lot of usefull 
> auto-generated java code (or even any text..any output languages ..you know it depends
on the template itself)
> which is based on a particular db-model (shema)
> Questions to torque (gen) creators and devaki creator (Emmanuel):
> How do you think? Is going to be a good direction to:
> 1) specify a standard way for including additional functionality (productionality)
> in the torque-generator (at least some manual for extending the templates)
> 3) extend (or make extendable) the org.apache.torque.model to support the xml parsing
and objectizing of user defined objects/attributes
> for example in my case i might define inside the xml model some attributes for my columns
like (include the column in the html table or not; for now i think i can realize this only
by using the column's description attribute to define extra functionality)
> 2) extend devaki to be able to include custom defined attributes inside the column/table
> With best regards,
> Bogdan

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