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From "Bogdan Vatkov" <bvat...@globaltech-bg.com>
Subject Re: Criticism on Torque
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 08:40:53 GMT
Hi All,

I am using Torque for 2 months and I could say it is one great
combinationofpowerfull "words"; namely:

and many many moreAnd

some say it is not worth! hm..

Boheme says:
> Even if 1 &amp; 2 is right,
> i think a good tool

I personally think that 1 &amp; 2 is right...

> should be usable by a guy like me.

That is not mandatory! ;). In bulgarian culture there is a sentence: "If
youare afraid of bears than donot go to the forest"

> Especially for Torque cause it comes in version 3.1
> and not 0.9. Another reason is: we are living in the
> 3rd millennium...

Yes.. Torque is a consequence of that we are living in the 3rd millenium :)

The last year I have been working on a tool like torque but could never
reach the volume and scalabilty of torque.
I have lost some time for learning all of this..(torque-model logic
andvelocity template engine itself)
I have extended the generation process by adding some JSP and supporting
JavaBeans for Edit/Create/Browse) objects and thus creation of a
large sized project.

I am closer to the end of the project now and I would say:
Torque is astable fast-development tool.It is not just a tool. It's a great
idea.It encourages to think of a code generation
(java/jsp/txt/xml/sql ..actuallyeverithing - it is based on velocity)
process based on XML definition file.
Torque, for now (i hope:), supports XML to DB oriented code
I am extending the generation process still based on that XML (describingthe
DB structure) in some hack
alike manner by adding extra definitions upontable columns using the
"description" xml attribute
(exampledescription="description of the column;[roles can read it];[roles
can changeit]")
(example description="Priviledges of the
and with a little java reflection you could define extra run-time
properties for the table columns in the DB model.
This way we could give a large portion of the definitive functionality ofthe
project to the
non-programming divisions (by making it declarative functionality).
When I complete my torque-generator extensions I will share it. I hope it
will be soon.
I also hope that I will become strong enough to contribute to this project.

To Torque creators/designers: Guys keep doing what you are doing. Up tillnow
you have done an excelent job ! Cheers !

With Best Regards,
Bogdan Vatkov, GlobalTech

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