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From Scott Eade <se...@backstagetech.com.au>
Subject Re: Torque with more dynamic DB connections...
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 04:24:06 GMT

Things are fairly quiet at present.  In the absence of any strong 
objections why don't you code your changes against CVS head and submit 
them to the torque-dev list.

Details of the patch format to use can be found at:

You should also check to see if any of the existing development plans 
will impact you:



Scott Eade
Backstage Technologies Pty. Ltd.

Rob Gordon wrote:

>I see upon further investigation that the MapBuilder classes would have to
>be touched also. The <table-name>MapBuilder class does a call to
>Torque.getDatabaseMap("hard-coded-database-name") in the doBuild
>method. This is called by the BasePeer.  Somehow,
>the database name has to be passed down to the BasePeer before it calls
>doBuild. This would require changing the MapBuilder interface by adding
>a setDatabaseName().
>Any developer want to chime in here?
>Rob Gordon wrote:
>>I have been following thread regarding using a TorqueInstance with
>>databases, etc.
>>I have a similar wish and a proposed solution, if I can get the
>>eyes/ears of a developer.
>>I want to be able to use the same tables (ie Peers) across multiple
>>databases. It just so
>>happens, for a data collection application, I will have "many" databases
>>with same
>>schema. The data collection application will be configured at start-up
>>with the name of
>>the db to which it should write data.
>>Hence, I want my peers to have their DATABASE_NAME set at runtime, not
>>a static final as is currently done.
>>My proposal/question/wish is that the templates/om/Peer.vm be changed to
>>include  setDatabaseName()/getDatabaseName() and all the references to
>>DATABASE_NAME be changed to invoke the appropriate method.
>>Here is a snippet from Peer.vm
>> public static $table.JavaName ${retrieveMethod}(ObjectKey pk)
>>        throws TorqueException, NoRowsException, TooManyRowsException
>>    {
>>        Connection db = null;
>>        $table.JavaName retVal = null;
>>        try
>>        {
>> /* here */           db = Torque.getConnection(DATABASE_NAME);
>>            retVal = ${retrieveMethod}(pk, db);
>>        }
>>        finally
>>        {
>>            Torque.closeConnection(db);
>>        }
>>        return(retVal);
>>    }
>>Why couldn't the line I have labelled /* here */ read
>>    db = Torque.getConnection(getDatabaseName());
>>with  appropriate accessors methods and instance variable supplied by
>>I am by no means a Torque expert but does this violate any usage idioms?

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