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From Rob Gordon <rgor...@mwt.net>
Subject Torque with more dynamic DB connections...
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 23:29:25 GMT
I have been following thread regarding using a TorqueInstance with
databases, etc.

I have a similar wish and a proposed solution, if I can get the
eyes/ears of a developer.

I want to be able to use the same tables (ie Peers) across multiple
databases. It just so
happens, for a data collection application, I will have "many" databases
with same
schema. The data collection application will be configured at start-up
with the name of
the db to which it should write data.

Hence, I want my peers to have their DATABASE_NAME set at runtime, not
a static final as is currently done.

My proposal/question/wish is that the templates/om/Peer.vm be changed to

include  setDatabaseName()/getDatabaseName() and all the references to
DATABASE_NAME be changed to invoke the appropriate method.

Here is a snippet from Peer.vm

 public static $table.JavaName ${retrieveMethod}(ObjectKey pk)
        throws TorqueException, NoRowsException, TooManyRowsException
        Connection db = null;
        $table.JavaName retVal = null;
 /* here */           db = Torque.getConnection(DATABASE_NAME);
            retVal = ${retrieveMethod}(pk, db);

Why couldn't the line I have labelled /* here */ read

    db = Torque.getConnection(getDatabaseName());

with  appropriate accessors methods and instance variable supplied by

I am by no means a Torque expert but does this violate any usage idioms?


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