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From David Koontz <dakoo...@yahoo.com>
Subject Help with Torque Bookstore tutorial
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 19:17:17 GMT

Hi,  I'm new at Torque - it looks like a great tool - but it's been a
bear to install/configure and get working.

First question the download dir has two files for 3.1 (in multiple
flavors) what's up with that - I got both but it looks like they need
to be merged togeather - one file torque-3_1.zip had a CRC error when

So I've punted back to a torque 3.0 version off a CD I got with a book.

I've been working wiht the torque-3.1 Tutorial - I've built my DB -
that was cool. But here what I get when I try to run the example
program (I renamed the java packages) Bookstore.  What could this
problem be?

Thanks David

David Koontz@star /cygdrive/d/apps/torque
$ java name.koontz.Bookstore
401 [main] DEBUG apache.torque  - Setting datasource property: url
411 [main] DEBUG apache.torque  - Setting datasource property: user
411 [main] DEBUG apache.torque  - Starting initTorqueClassic
481 [main] DEBUG apache.torque  - Setting datasource property:
511 [main] DEBUG apache.torque  - Setting datasource property:
561 [main] DEBUG apache.torque  - Setting datasource property:
782 [main] WARN oid.IDBroker  - IDBroker is being used with db
'bookstore', which does not support transactions.  IDBroker attempts to
use transactions to limit the
possibility of duplicate key generation.  Without transactions,
duplicate key generation is possible if multiple JVMs are used or other
means are used to write to th
e database.
java.lang.NullPointerException: There was no DataSourceFactory
configured for the connection bookstore
        at org.apache.torque.Torque.getConnection(Torque.java:924)
        at name.koontz.om.BasePublisher.save(BasePublisher.java:428)
        at name.koontz.om.BasePublisher.save(BasePublisher.java:412)
        at name.koontz.Bookstore.main(Bookstore.java:26)
802 [Thread-1] DEBUG oid.IDBroker  - IDBroker thread was started.


David A. Koontz
   David@Koontz.name             479 571 8535


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