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From jrovi...@notes.banesto.es
Subject Re: How to create a join ?
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:50:35 GMT

>> Easy, isnt it????

>yep... you have terrorized me :)
>thank you anyway.

Yep.. but its the only solution to do it, i think. Torque is a great tool
but its very limited when youare using queries with joins.. you can use
another tool, like ObjectelationalBridge (OJB) to do it more easy..

If youre using only one join, Torque (automatically) generates some methods
that could help you:

you can join (directly) T1 -> T2 :)

for example
class BaseT1Peer {
      protected static List doSelectJoinT2( Criteria c ) {

if you get the source code, you can find the way its implemented..

Buuuut you can not join (directly) T1 -> T2 -> T3 :(

The solution that I use its valid with all sort of joins. Buuutttt :( the
main problem its that youve got an array with [ T1, T2, T3 ] instead of T1,
so you cannot do:
T1.getT2() or T2.getT3()... :(

>> Ive got a framework to do this very easy ;)

>Is it possible to know what framework you are talking about ?

Well.. ive created some classes to do this sort of tasks ease. But now its
very limited..

Sorry about my english.. :)

Jose Luis Rovira Martin

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