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From "Göschl,Siegfried" <Siegfried.Goes...@drei.com>
Subject Torque 3.1 and Prepared Statements ....
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 11:19:01 GMT
Hi folks,

I try to convince the company I work for to use Torque instead of the textbook "use entity
beans with a session facade plus manually written data transfer object and fill your first
dropdown box in two weeks time". To ensure that Torque is doing well I wrote a regression
test suite which works fine. The last addition was testing of Prepared Statements which showed
a few problems

+) The current implementation returns a List of VillageRecords. Is there any reason why not
to generate code which does the following conversion automagically

Foo.addSelectColumns( criteria );
... more criteria wrestling ..
List recordList = FooPeer.doPSSelect( criteria );
List result = FooPeer.populateObjects( recordList );

+) There were question in the mailing list about prepared statements and a lot of statement
parsing within Oracle. I'm not pretty good at database and my last encounter with ODBC/JDBC
is long and happily forgotten. But looking at the BasePeer.java I think what could be the
reason for that behaviour mentioned above. A conenction is taken from the pool, a prepared
statement is created from this connection, the query is done and at the end the statement
is closed. AFAIK these forces the database to do the same parsing for the next prepared statement

Does it make sense to store the prepared statement and all the information needed to create
it into a result returned from BasePeer.createPreparedStatement()?! The prepared statement
could be reused, if the connection is broken the prepared statement could be recreated using
a good connection and most of the parameter handling is already there?! Am I completely on
the wrong track?!

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl

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