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From Vikas Phonsa <VPho...@suz.com>
Subject RE: Help Please
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:49:19 GMT
 Out of respect for this list, I didn't want to reply to any more of your
messages but I'm forced to reply to this on before I get out of here. 
You didn't have to write "Namaste" and stuff to express your racial
frustration in this list. So this was the reason you wanted me to write to
you outside this list. I have always respected the apache mailing lists and
never wrote any such stuff ,but you have crossed the line.

You are the only person I have seen in any apache mailing list with such an

If getting a chance to say "Namaste" or some other racial taunt was your aim
then you might be to able find other places for that.

All the programmers for whom "Namaste" is a respectable word were surviving
before you bought enlightenment to the programming world and they probably
will without you help also.

And what did I do ? Posted a message "with an Exception stack trace and
didn't enclose Torque.properties with it".

Bring couple of guys like your attitude into Apache and that would help open
source a lot.

I'm out of here. I can survive without your precious help.



-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Newton [mailto:dave@solaraccess.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 7:12 PM
To: Apache Torque Users List
Subject: RE: Help Please

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 22:05, Vikas Phonsa wrote:
> The very first day I subscribed to the list, the tone of your response was
> exactly the same.

Yeah--"give more information and read the documentation." I'll almost
always have that attitude. It's hard to have too much information when
trying to track down a problem. Possible, but hard.

Like I said--non-tech stuff--don't bore the list. Send it to me. 

Why can't you just post more information?

>From your exception trace I'd guess that your datasource is either a)
not configured correctly or b) the properties aren't being read. Then I
asked for more information (a recurring theme) and you won't give it.

To me, that seems weird, but that's just me.

Perhaps you don't want my help, and perhaps not anybody else's either;
that's cool. Despite what you seem to think, I'm more than happy to
help, and probably other people on the list are too, but you _have_ to
provide more information.


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