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From "Charles N. Harvey III" <charl...@alloy.com>
Subject foreign key in another database
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 23:36:28 GMT
I have been looking through the mail-archives and I don't seem to
be able to come up with the answer.  I am probably missing it somewhere
but I thought I'd try the list.

I have two schema files in my schema directory.  Because I am using two
databases for this project.  But, sometimes the foreign key in a table
is referencing a table that is in the other database.  Torque blows up
at this point and doesn't let me use this.

Is this because it isn't allowed in sql (mssql for me)?  Or is it a
"limitation" of torque?  I want to create my java files and they don't
care what database tables are in.  They just need to relate to each
other.  So I just want torque to skip over the fact that the table is
in another database and carry on like it usually would.

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot.


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