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From Sonu Vijay <son...@yahoo.com>
Subject Torque / Village
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:06:07 GMT
Hi Guys,
Sorry for bothering you all with so many messages. But
I think we might be able to solve some issues here.
Here is some new information that I have to share .
Most of it is concerned with the village code so pls
let me know if I should be posting it in some village
list that you are aware of. And this info is regarding
my failure to execute inserts in DB2400 using Toque
generated Java Code.

1.In the org.torque.util.BasePeer.List() method we
qds = new com.workingdogs.village.QueryDataSet(con,
queryString). The queryString here has the insert data
in a select statement.

2.In the corresponding
com.workingdogs.village.QueryDataSet constructor we
have the following code:
{this.conn = conn;

        selectString = new StringBuffer(selectStmt);
        stmt = conn.createStatement();         
resultSet = stmt.executeQuery(selectStmt);
        schema = new Schema();
        schema.populate( resultSet.getMetaData(), null

In the above code we are getting the
ResultSetMetaData() and calling 
        schema.populate( resultSet.getMetaData(), null
); which in turn populates the readOnly metadata field
of each com.workingdogs.village.Column.

This readOnly field is checked before creating the
preparedStatement to execute the final Insert in the

Now The resultSetMetaData from the resultSet of any
Select statement on my DB2400 tables always returns
readOnly=true. I have tried that from a seperate main
program using no Torque classes. I was able to do
inserts from that main program but the metadata still
returns readOnly=true for all colums of the resultSet
of any Select Statement.

In the village code if I hardcode readOnly=false for
every column inserts work fine.

But everything works fine for mysql. 

So while it might only be the fault of DB2400 or the
ibm driver that I'm using, wouldn't it be a better
idea to "somehow" check the metadata of the table
instead of checking the readOnly from the metadata
obtained from the resultSet of a Select query.


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