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From Sonu Vijay <son...@yahoo.com>
Subject id-table-schema.xml
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 18:16:47 GMT
The comments in id-table-schema.xml say:

"This is the XML schema use by Torque to generate the
SQL for ID_TABLE table used by the id broker mechanism
in Turbine"   

Now I have the following database and table elements
in my project-schema.xml

<database name="PITCHERS" defaultIdMethod="native">
<table name="TEAM" idMethod="none">
<table name="GAME" idMethod="none">
<table name="PITCHER" idMethod="none">

And I have primary key fields defined for each table.
But still I get the sql for deleting and creating the
@DEFAULT_DATBASE@ in the generated create-db.sql which
gives an SQL Exception when runs for MySQL.

Also an ID_TABLE table is created in my database.

What is the purpose of this generated sql for

Am I doing something wrong. Is there a link to learn
more abt the idBroker mechanism.



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