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From "Tuncay Baskan (Yaz.Muh.-Proje Gel.ve Uyg.Gr.)" <tuncay.bas...@intertech.com.tr>
Subject Problem running build-torque.xml in WSAD (possible bug)
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 21:16:51 GMT

I was trying to run build-torque.xml Ant script in IBM's WebSphere
Studio Application Developer (WSAD) version 5.1. I imported everything
under torque-gen-3.1/ directory as a resource project to the WSAD. 

At first I tried to run "jdbc" task. Build process worked until it tried
to write schema.xml to schema/ directory, giving FileNotFoundFound
exception. Altough I set "Base Directory" properly I found out
torque.home property in default.properties file must be set to full path
instead of a ".".

Later I tried to run "om" task. Build process didn't work at all,
quitting with message:
[torque-data-model] PANIC : Error configuring AvalonLogSystem :
[torque-data-model] BUILD FAILED:
Generation failed. For more information consult the velocity log, or
invoke ant with the -debug flag.

After trying -debug (and -verbose) I got nothing. I didn't know how I
could print stack trace of an ant task exception. So, I downloaded the
source of torque to investigate the problem. After figuring the problem
is related with the velocity not the torque downloaded the source of it
too. After realizing the problem is not related to velocity and related
to avalon-logkit I went crazy and downloaded the source of it too.
Anyway, this is my short craziness story.

The source of the problem is
org.apache.log.ContextMap.getCurrentContext. I don't know the exact
reason. I changed the
method so it doesn't send messages to logger. It now just sysouts the
messages and torque runs smoothly in WSAD. Altough it runs correctly now
I didn't satisfied with the solution. Since I'm only a member of torque
mailing list I'm sending this message to here. Where should I file a bug

Btw, someone else had the same problem:


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