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From Jan Krabbenbos <jan.krabben...@planet.nl>
Subject default="" generates 'varname = ;'
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 16:53:16 GMT

I have a MySQL database which I generated the schema from. I changed the name 
into genDB-schema.xml, added the name and defaultIdMethod in the top of the 
schema, see the snippet below. Now I generate the object model with 'ant -f 
build-properties.xml om' and than try compiling it. For the given table below 
it comes with the following error message


illegal start of expression
    [javac]     private long kdvolgnr = ;

If I add a default value of e.g. 0, it compiles. What have I done wrong? Did I 
miss something?

<table name="klantendata">
        <column default="0" name="klantdataSet" primaryKey="true"
            required="true" type="BIGINT"/>
        <column default="" name="kdVolgnr" primaryKey="true"
            required="true" type="BIGINT"/>
        <column default="" name="kdKey" required="true" size="50"  
        <column default="" name="kdValue" required="true" size="100" 
        <column default="" name="klantdataStamp" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
Met vriendelijke groet,

Jan Krabbenbos

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