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From "Jeremy Kincaid" <Jeremy.Kinc...@intermoco.com>
Subject How to dynamically add new database to Torque
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 06:31:23 GMT
	I am trying to find a way to dynamically add a new database to
Torque after it as already been initialized.  I tried retreiving the
configuration from Torque and then adding properties that would normally
have appeared in the torque.properties file, then called
Torque.init(configuration), or Torque.setConfiguration(configuration),
but these didn't work.  After looking at the source code, it was easy to
see why.  So does anyone have an alternative for the following:

Configuration config = Torque.getConfiguration();
//add adpater information
config.addProperty( "database.newDatabase.adapter", "mysql" );	
//add pooling information
config.addProperty( "dsfactory.newDatabase.factory",
"org.apache.torque.dsfactory.SharedPoolDataSourceFactory" );
config.addProperty( "dsfactory.newDatabase.defaultMaxActive", "10" );
config.addProperty( "dsfactory.newDatabase.testOnBorrow", "true" );
config.addProperty( "dsfactory.newDatabase.validationQuery", "SELECT 1"
config.addProperty( "dsfactory.newDatabase.connection.driver",
"org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver" );
config.addProperty( "dsfactory.newDatabase.connection.url",
"jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/NewDatabase" );

Torque.init( config );
Connection newConnection = Torque.getConnection( "newDatabase" );

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