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From <Javier.Olc...@uv.es>
Subject Problems with jdbc targuet
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 09:51:36 GMT
Hi all!

   I am quite new user of Torque, I managed to make the bookstore 
example, that is in the Torque tutorial, work, but when I try to run 
the jdbc targuet to import my database schema to the Torque XML schema 
file, I do not get any content in the file even if all the messages 
seem to be correct.
   Has anybody try this feature with Oracle? Please, would you have any 
idea why the proccess does not work properly? I enclosed you the Torque 
output and the xml file that I get.
   I did some debugging and it seems to me that for some reason there 
is not Metadata available.

   Thanks a lot.

Javier Olcina

***************************** schema.xml *****************************
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE database 
SYSTEM "http://db.apache.org/torque/dtd/database_3_1.dtd">
<!-- Autogenerated by JDBCToXMLSchema! -->
***************************** Torque output **************************
     [echo] +-----------------------------------------------+
     [echo] |                                               |
     [echo] | Generating XML from JDBC connection !         |
     [echo] |                                               |
     [echo] +-----------------------------------------------+
[torque-jdbc-transform] Torque - JDBCToXMLSchema starting
[torque-jdbc-transform] Your DB settings are:
[torque-jdbc-transform] driver : oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
[torque-jdbc-transform] URL : 
[torque-jdbc-transform] user : investi
[torque-jdbc-transform] schema : investi
[torque-jdbc-transform] DB driver sucessfuly instantiated
[torque-jdbc-transform] DB connection established
[torque-jdbc-transform] Getting table list...
[torque-jdbc-transform] Building column/table map...
[torque-jdbc-transform] ./schema/schema.xml
[torque-jdbc-transform] Torque - JDBCToXMLSchema finished

Total time: 3 seconds

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