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From Dave Hahn <drhah...@yahoo.com>
Subject Using save() and audit trails
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 22:15:34 GMT
Sorry if this has been brought up before.  I like the clean interface
for Torque, but have an audit trail requirement I'd like to know if
there is a solution for using Torque.  This is a legacy system I'd like
to interface to.

Upon any insert, save, or delete of an object, I need to also log
column values to a normalized audit trail table.

In SQL terms, consider this update:

  update A set a1=v1, a2=v2 where rec_id=1


  insert into audit values ('A', 1, 'a1', old_a1, v1)
  insert into audit values ('A', 1, 'a2', old_a2, v2)

as part of the save transaction.

It seems I could accomplish this if there is some callback mechanism,
and I can get at column values that have changes between the persisted
version of the object and the currently being saved object.  Can this
be accomplished?  Any hints on how?

Thanks in advance.

Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn

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