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From Martin Poeschl <mpoes...@marmot.at>
Subject Re: Problem generating ojb file that ship with torque-3.02
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 20:22:26 GMT
you should use torque 3.1-beta1

3.1 generates a very simple (no fk handling) but working model + repository
patches to support more features are welcome ;-)


Sng Wee Jim wrote:

>Just would like to feedback some problems that I encountered during generation of ojb
file model and repository with the out-of-box torque-3.02.
>I am running 
>  ant -f build-torque.xml ojb-model
>  ant -f build-torque.xml ojb-repository
>1. The ojb-model is still generating torque's Base and Peer classes instead of a normal
>As for the task ojb-repository, the file name is incorrect,
>2.repository_bookstore.xml is generated as repository__bookstore.xml (not the 2 underscores
instead of one)
>3. The repository_internal.xml and OJB.properties is not generated along with the tasks.
>I tried torque-3.1-alpha2 but running the 2 tasks gave me the error:
>taskdef class org.apache.torque.TorqueDataModelTask cannot be found.
>However I managed to get the generation working (partially) by copying the ojb generation
templates from the <torque-3.1-alpha2 home>\src\generator\src\templates\ojb to 
><torque-3.02 home>\templates\ojb directory.
>The following problems were encountered:
>1. The generated JavaBean does not implements java.io.Serializable. In addition, some
of the parameters like col.UncapitalisedJavaName (in ojb/model/Object.vm) 
>ojbPlatform, jdbcLevel, urlProtocol, urlSubprotocol urlDbalias (in ojb/model/MainRepository.vm)
are missing.
>This is due to the old (torque-3.02) ant task TorqueDataModel used for the generation.
I tried to add the new ant tasks to the build-torque.xml classpath, but, the missing parameter
problem still persists.
>2. The repository_internal.xml and OJB.properties is not generated along with the tasks.
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