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From Eric Emminger <e...@ericemminger.com>
Subject Re: Village - NegativeArraySizeException
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 19:38:12 GMT

>>I am calling save on an object from the following table :-
>>  <table idMethod="native" name="name">
>>    <column name="id" primaryKey="true" required="true" type="BIGINT"/>
>>    <column name="projectid" type="BIGINT"/>
>>    <column name="title" size="255" type="VARCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="status" size="255" type="VARCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="released" type="BOOLEANCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="open" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
>>    <column name="closed" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
>>    <column name="reference" size="255" type="VARCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="summary" type="LONGVARCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="wcategory" size="255" type="VARCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="valuerange" type="BIGINT"/>
>>    <column name="location" type="BIGINT"/>
>>    <column name="accesslistno" type="BIGINT"/>
>>    <column name="notes" type="LONGVARCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="useapprlist" type="BOOLEANCHAR"/>
>>    <column name="listing" size="255" type="VARCHAR"/>
>>    <column description="Flag to enable bid handling"
>>      name="enablebidhandling" type="BOOLEANCHAR"/>
>>    <column description="xml fragment giving policy"
>>      name="policy" type="CLOB"/>
>>    <column name="createdat" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
>>    <column name="modifiedat" type="TIMESTAMP"/>
>>    <column name="tclass" type="BIGINT"/>
>>  </table>
> I am not using any arrays. Since my original post, I have discovered
> that this error occurs when I try to save an incomplete record, not sure
> which field is causing the error, but I'm not sure that it should throw
> an error like this anyway.

Interesting. I believe the "policy" field is causing the error. The 

method is a Large OBject (LOB) thing, and policy is a CLOB.


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