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From Ryan Christianson <r...@echospace.com>
Subject Peer static methods should have classname prepended
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 21:49:56 GMT
I think I found an oversight in the peer templates.The places where peer 
static methods are accessed with just the method name. For example:

class BaseMyClassPeer {
    public static doSomething() {
        MyClassPeer.work(); // good
        work(); // bad
    public static work() {

class MyClassPeer extends BaseMyClassPeer {

In that example, both MyClassPeer.work() and work(), however, if you 
were to provide your own work method in the MyClassPeer it would not be 
called if in the base it called "work()".

Is this something that should be updated in the templates? I'd be 
whilling to give a diff of what I have. I had to add this so I could 
provide my own buildCriteria method.

Ryan Christianson

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