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From Jeroen Peschier <j.pesch...@uzorg.nl>
Subject Torque does not support InnoDB tables yet?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 14:04:59 GMT
Hi all,

My Torque project uses a MySQL 4.1 database. I have many onUpdate and 
onDelete restrictions in the project's schema.xml. When the SQL code 
gets generated it outputs the foreign keys fine in the SQL, but no 
ONUPDATE or ONDELETE constraints to be found... Is this a known issue?

There's also no table type in the CREATE TABLE statements. I think MySQL 
defaults to using MyISAM while I want InnoDB. How do I specify a table 
type? Come to think of it, why even specify a table type if foreign keys 
plus constraints are defined and the database is MySQL. InnoDB should be 
implied, no?

Another minor thing I cannot specify in the schema is the character set 
and collation to be used on a table.

As is it now I have a post-create SQL-script that does a bunch of ALTER 
TABLE statement and sets the required character set and collation. I 
really don't want to add the referential constraints  manually. It kinda 
defeats the purpose of having it generated :)

Open for suggestions...


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