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From Michel Beijlevelt / Lucka <...@lucka.nl>
Subject Re: different internal variable names
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 07:38:09 GMT

I don't know, I think I would Torque rather see more tightly coupled 
with the RDBMS and dump the XML schema entirely.

My RDBMS already has a schema, which would be the metadatabase in the 
systems tables. So why create another definition in XML of the same 
database and tables? Now you manually have to keep the XML schema and 
the actual metadatabase consistent which is tedious and error-prone; of 
course this is less of an issue if you have little changes in your 
schema 's.

Torque's capability of abstraction of the RDBMS-specific isssues comes 
in quite handy here. The process could be automated by having Torque 
generate the XML definition from a JDBC conncection, and then generate 
the om from that XML, but I haven't tried that yet.

gr. Michel

Manske, Michael wrote:

>As far as i know torque offers no solution for that issue, you will have to 
>change your templates. 
>It's one disatvantage of torque that it doesn't provide loose coupling
>database and java objects. In my opinion it would be better if torque would
>use the xml schema at runtime to map java names on table/column names.

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