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From Peter Courcoux <pe...@courcoux.biz>
Subject Village - NegativeArraySizeException
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:37:15 GMT
Hi all,

Two Questions :


Has anyone seen anything like this before or have any clues what it

I am using Torque from cvs (yesterday)
Turbine 2.3-dev
Postgresql 7.3.3 and postgresql 7.3.3 jdbc jar.

2003-08-18 10:04:17,643 [Ajp13Processor[8009][4]] ERROR com.mydomain.myproject.modules.actions.MyAction
- doUpdate() : Exception caught
	at org.postgresql.jdbc1.AbstractJdbc1Statement.setBinaryStream(AbstractJdbc1Statement.java:1257)
	at com.workingdogs.village.Value.setPreparedStatementValue(Unknown Source)
	at com.workingdogs.village.Record.saveWithUpdate(Unknown Source)
	at com.workingdogs.village.Record.save(Unknown Source)
	at com.workingdogs.village.Record.save(Unknown Source)
	at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.insertOrUpdateRecord(BasePeer.java:896)
	at org.apache.torque.util.BasePeer.doUpdate(BasePeer.java:1928)


Also, I posted a question a while ago about booleanchar handling not working in 
postgresql to which I have not had any answer and cannot see anything in the lists.
I am sure I must have not configured things properly since upgrading to recent 
versions of torque. For my project which is upgraded from earlier versions, 
the generator now does not generate code in the populateObject method of BaseXXXPeer,
to handle 'Y' and 'N' and convert to boolean values. It used to work fine but I am 
having to code these bits by hand at the moment.

Does anyone know if I am missing some setting, or otherwise doing something daft?

I would be most grateful for any pointers on either question.

Many thanks,


Peter Courcoux <peter@courcoux.biz>

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