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From "Brian K. Wallace" <br...@transmorphix.com>
Subject RE: Criteria.addAscendingOrderByColumn() bug? (DB IS NULL)
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 17:39:16 GMT
I notice this got off the torque list, so I'm cc'ing you and putting it back on.

I've used torque in many projects for quite a while - starting with 'back before DAO' 
and when everything I saw about managers marked them as basically "use if you 
want, but beware".  So I started off with the extensions to BaseObject and the peers 
and modified my own cache hit/miss managers to deal with them "until Torque's 
managers were "more stable" and my time allowed me to delve into them". And as 
most often the case, my time has been more served utilizing my own management 
means so far. Part of the issue with a change is the GUI we developed to take a DIA 
diagram and process it into our Torque schema, "non-data aware" beans, Swing 
UI's, and managers.  So I AM using Torque for pretty much what anyone would use it 
for, I'm just farther along on one side ('drawing my objects' and automatically 
converting that into all my XML / code) and farther behind on the other (no DAO, no 
'Torque' managers). Now if I can ever get time to combine the two... *sigh*.

That said - while I have found issues with the way Torque does things (and I've found 
them in everything I use - either bugs which I report or differences in approach which 
I either agree with and use or disagree with and use something else), all in all it's as 
viable for what it does as anything out there. Is it 100%? No.  But I haven't found 
anything except 'cd /; rm -rf *' as root that IS 100%.

My two cents.

On 10 Jul 2003 at 13:17, Tim Clotworthy wrote:

> Brian,
> Thanks for the reply. This is getting more complicated than I had
> anticipated. 
> My current problem aside, just for my own education, if you don't use
> Torque DAO and you don't use Torque Managers, what exactly do you do
> with Torque? 
> I was specifically hoping to use Torque DAO extensively, but if it can't
> even perform a simple ORDER BY, then I am getting nervous as to its
> viability..
> Thanks again.
> Tim
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Brian K. Wallace [mailto:brian@transmorphix.com]
> > Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 12:37 PM
> > To: tclotworthy@bka-inc.com
> > Subject: RE: Criteria.addAscendingOrderByColumn() bug? (DB IS NULL)
> > 
> > Tim -
> > 
> >   I read Henning's reply and would whole heartedly suggest that you
> make
> > sure that
> > methodology will not work before you continue down my path. I say that
> > because I
> > initially tried the configuration route and it would not work (my
> initial
> > database would
> > be fine, but my duplicate database would still be null). This might be
> a
> > good place to
> > say:  when asking about Torque (or should I say any?) issues - version
> is
> > VERY
> > important. That said, your 'new' NPE:
> > 
> > Note:  I don't use Torque DAO, and I don't use Torque Managers
> > 
> > In Torque's initialization, mapBuilders are set to null when the init
> is
> > finished. The way
> > to deal with mapBuilders prior to them being set to null is to run the
> > 'registerMapBuilder' prior to initializing Torque. If you do this,
> > mapBuilders will not be
> > null, and the subsequent init of Torque will encompass those
> mapBuilders
> > as well. If
> > you wait and do it after you initialize... well, you see what happens.
> > (Not really sure
> > the benefit of that logic, but that's the way it is.)
> > 
> > Brian

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