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From Sam Le Berrigaud <sleber...@dexem.com>
Subject Re: question on Torque's limitation
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 08:34:04 GMT

I am also quite new to Torque. But what I think I would is not use 
Criteria to do so, I would rather use the executeQuery method in which 
you can write your own SQL with no problem. Maybe you could also try to 
write your own criteria as shown in criteria how-to in the section 
simplifying Criteria.



a7b46501@telus.net wrote:

>Suppose I have an Oracle table called A and a table called A_TR (TR stands for 
>translation) for multi-language support. These two tables contain following 
>columns respectively:
>A.ID (pk), A.NAME
>A_TR.ID(pk, fk to A.ID), A_TR.LOCALE (pk), A_TR.NAME
>If I want to get A_TR.NAME if it is available, othwise use A.NAME. Using SQL, I 
>can get it pretty easily:
>select nvl(A_TR.name,A.name) as name from A, A_TR 
>where A.id=A_TR.id(+) and lower(A_TR.locale(+)) = lower('en-us')
>But it seems in Torque this will be awefully complex if not impossible (unless 
>I resort back to brute force SQL). The complication arises from:
>1. Creteria doesn't support outer-join
>2. The peer class doesn't support ad hoc SELECT clause. I can only get the 
>columns within a table. Combining columns in two tables with Oracle function 
>such as NVL is almost impossible.
>Since I am new to Torque, I would like confirmation if these indeed are 
>limitation of Torque. Is there any get-around that doesn't need multiple db hit 
>(don't take query cache into account)?
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