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From Gabriel Bauman <g...@bravenet.com>
Subject The 'native' id method, primary keys, and auto_increment
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 05:35:51 GMT
Hi there.

I was just inspecting the Velocity template columns.vm for MySQL. I 
found the following logic:

#if ((($database.getDefaultIdMethod() == "native") && 
($table.getIdMethod() == "")) || ($table.getIdMethod() == "native"))
#if ($col.isPrimaryKey() && ($col.Type == "INTEGER"))
#set ( $autoIncrement = $dbprops.get("AUTOINCREMENT"))

Basically, if we're using the 'native' id method and the column type is 
INTEGER, and it's a primary key... auto_increment is always set on the 

I have a situation where this is inappropriate. Is there any particliar 
reason why this is set up this way? Would anything in the OM break if I 
were to remove this?


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