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From "Elie Medeiros" <nc...@networkphotographers.com>
Subject using Criteria to select individual columns from the result object (rather than the entire row )
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 18:34:07 GMT
hi there,

I am trying to write the following SQL query:

SELECT table.column1, table.column2, alias1.column2, alias2.column2 
FROM table 
LEFT JOIN table AS alias1 ON table.id=alias1.id 
LEFT JOIN table AS alias2 ON alias1.id=alias2.id 
WHERE table.column3='xyz'
AND alias1.colum3='aaa'
AND alias2.colum3='aab'

I have managed most of this using criteria:

Criteria crit=new Criteria();
     //add aliases
crit.addAlias("alias1", TablePeer.TABLE_NAME);
crit.addAlias("alias2", TablePeer.TABLE_NAME);
     //add joins
crit.addJoin("alias1.ID", TablePeer.ID);
crit.addJoin("alias2.ID", "alias1.ID");
     //add search criteria
crit.add(TablePeer.COLUMN_3, 'xyz');
crit.add("alias1.COLUMN_3", 'aaa');
crit.add("alias2.COLUMN_3", 'aab');
     //add select by column

List results=TablePeer.doSelect(crit);

The correct SQL query is output to the Torque log.

However, I am puzzled as to how to select the different result objects
that result from the query. Whilst iterating through the List of
results, I have tried:
* casting the result object to com.workingdogs.village.Record, as
suggested in another post; this threw a ClassCastException
* casting as a Table object, then using getByName("alias1.COLUMN_X") (or
getByName(TablePeer.COLUMN_1) if appropriate) to get the relevant
column; this returns a null result for both the aliased tables and the
original table
* using getByPosition(int); as specified in the docs, this only works
for the first two columns in by example.

So how do i get the record objects out of my list of results?


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