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From Phil R Lawrence <prlawre...@Lehigh.EDU>
Subject Re: question on Torque's limitation
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 16:27:33 GMT
On Tue,  1 Jul 2003 10:41:13 -0700
a7b46501@telus.net wrote:
> ...
> If Torque's OM can solve the issue I stated without multiple db hits for
> performance's sake, I wouldn't mind to think in terms of OM. But if OM
> cannot match the flexibility of SQL, which is what Torque is trying to
> replace as API, then it is fruitless no matter how hard you think in
> Torque's way. Torque OM simply cannot live up to such a modest expectation.
> In fact, I would be open to another OM tool, lest to say breaking Torque's
> OM.


You know, I have spent a lot of time dealing with this same conceptual issue.  i.e. "In my
hand-coded apps, I can get certain data with one query.  So why can't I find a tool that will
be smart enought to create SQL such that it also can get the data in only one hit to the db?"

I think the problem is that you and I are trying to apply Torque (or any other O/R mapper)
to a problem it's just not made for.  Certainly in our case, I do have trouble seeing the
practical application of Torque, because the *implicit* / *business process defined* O/R map
for our ERP is hella complex.  Perhaps the issue is that our ERP is based on older ways of
developing schema that are not so friendly to O/R mapping?  Maybe new ERP products will be
more friendly to this sort of thing, as the toy examples in the documentation certainly are.

> Comparing with Microsoft's .Net's ...
I don't know anything about the .NET abilities you refer to, but you may be interested in
IBM's Xperanto, or XQuery, or whatever its being called now.  Way rocket science, and claims
to be able to boil XML Queries into efficient SQL queries on the db end of things.  No good
for me, though, as we don't use DB2 and I suspect the tool costs $$$.  White papers are a
good read, though.

So, for now, I just keep my ears to the ground in the O/R mapping community, and work on refining
our in-house custom SQL generators.



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