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From "Daniel Rodriguez" <daniel.rodrig...@esencialsistemas.com>
Subject Problem with query - mysql
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 18:51:23 GMT

Well , i think i found a problem with mysql and WHERE X IN Y, or maybe
im wrong

I have User (uid,username) and UserFriend (uid,frienduid)
and the query im trying to solve is:
give me the User objects of target uid user friends
I tried this query:

Criteria crit=new Criteria();

Well , the query seems to be good, it shows:
Select user.uid,user.username from user where user.uid in ({'100'})
Which is illegal in mysql, the right query for mysql is:
Select user.uid,user.username from user where user.uid in (100)

Anyone helps me with that? Maybe other way to solve my query?

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