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From Fred Gerson <fredg...@wrath.forked.net>
Subject large number of CLOSE_WAIT connections
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 03:13:33 GMT
Hey all,

I noticed a very large number (about 100) of CLOSE_WAIT status tcp
connections to my mysql server, something that was obviously eating up
system resources on my box.

This came from leaving the Turbine2.2/Torque app unmonitored for a while.
I have since restarted the application and the CLOSE_WAITs have closed,
but I'd like to find a more permanent solution to the problem.

Did I configure something incorrectly?
I have
in Torque.Properties

Could I maybe have written bad application logic in my Turbine app that
may be causing this?

I'm on a RH7.3 box, with MySQL 3.23.55 and the org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver


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