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From adkumar <a...@slb.com>
Subject How does Torque handle connections
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 23:11:30 GMT

I am a new Torque user. I have successfully installed Torque and 
everything looks OK.
I am using 3.04 b version of torque.

I have set the connection time out as 3600 s (the default value?). For 
some reason, the
number of connections increases and at some point I am getting error 
messages that
says maximum number of connections reached or request pending free 

This does not make any sense, as the query requests have been processed 
and the
connections may have been released.

Is there a utility or a piece of code some one has written that can keep 
track of the
connection requests that are send to the db and tells me when they are 
released and
is available to other requests. Is there a way to force release of 
connection too.  

Thanks in avance.

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