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From Giulio Vezzelli <giulio.vezze...@infolog.it>
Subject Re: Torque fails after webapp reload
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:05:28 GMT
>I experienced a lot of confusion and frustration on this same issue. 
>I don't know the exact answer for you, but I found my Torque 
>connections were less troublesome if I tested if Torque was 
>initialized before calling Torque.init(). I think that might address 
>a different problem but this is worth a try!
>if ( ! Torque.isInit() )
Thanks for your reply, Travis.

I implemented that check (which I completely forgot, and it's needed to properly manage init/shutdown)
in the initialization listener, but the exception remains.

I call Torque.shutdown() in the listener method contextDestroyed(), which seems to correctly
shutdown Torque (the isInit() flag is "false" at the next listener execution), but something
remains "allocated" (don't know exactly...) and the Connection object is still null.

This issue is really annoying... and I probably just mis-configured something!

Let's solve this :)

Giulio Vezzelli

Infolog S.r.l.
Web : http://www.infolog.it
E-mail : giulio.vezzelli@infolog.it

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