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From Ralf Baumert <ralf.baum...@phlat-labs.de>
Subject Still Problems with null connections
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 22:26:22 GMT
Hi List,

my Application still won't run properly. Since noone answered my last Mail, 
here goes another one. I really appreciate every Hint !

Ok, here's my Problem again:
I have Torque 3.0 configured like this:


MySQL is configured to kill idle Sessions after 30 secs.

Here's what happens:
When MySQL kills the Connection I get this Error:

Communication link failure: java.io.IOException 

When I hit reload, Torque reconnects as wanted. Everything works fine.

Then I wait some Minutes and suddenly I get this Error:

Timed out waiting for pooled connection from 'null' 

There's no Message in torque.log, and no Messege in catalina.out either, so I 
fancy Torque must have lost its init Parameters. Here's what I do in my jsps:

if (! Torque.isInit()) { Torque t = new Torque(); 
t.init(getServletContext().getInitParameter("torque-path")); }
Connection con = Torque.getConnection();

This is serious. I spent a lot of time migrating my whole app to torque, and 
really like to use it with my customers, but this Error freezes my whole 
Website. After a Tomcat restart everything works fine for some time and then 
everything gets messed up ("He's dead, Jim"). 

Please help me out with this one, I've been trying for 2 Days already :-(


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