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From Erik Price <epr...@ptc.com>
Subject notes on JDBC to XML target using PostgreSQL w/Cygwin
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 19:40:09 GMT

I wanted to submit these notes on executing the JDBC to XML ant target 
to the list archive hopefully to help anyone else who might someday 
search for this information.  My apologies if it was already available, 
I pieced it together only through my own googling.

Torque 3.0
PostgreSQL 7.3.2 distributed via Cygwin

1. When using [this version of] PostgreSQL, remember to start the 
postmaster with the "-i" option to allow incoming TCP/IP connections 
(from the JDBC driver, I suppose).  If you use the pg_ctl startup 
script, this is one way to do it:

   pg_ctl -l logfile.log -o "-i" start

2. There is an attribute named "dbSchema" in the torque-jdbc-transform 
custom Ant task.  The documentation does mention that this attribute is 
currently only for Oracle databases, but it is supplied by default in 
the build-torque.xml file.  At first I was only able to generate an 
empty <database/> element using the JDBC to XML target, but when I 
removed this attribute altogether (after noticing that it was inheriting 
the literal value "${databaseSchema}" from default.properties) the 
schema.xml file was generated.



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