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From Darrell B <wi...@rogers.com>
Subject Re: Reiterative development
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 15:21:20 GMT

thanks for the reply.  I was thinking along the same lines, just needed 
to hear it from someone else.  I thought maybe there is a tool or method 
to easily alter the code and database.  I think the Apache 
ObjectRelationalBridge(OJB) has built in support to keep these items in 
sync through development.  

peter riegersperger wrote:

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>changing the schema while developing a project works well. i found it to be 
>most practical to do the following:
>modify your schema
>create the database creation statements with the ant task "sql"
>create the new persistence layer with the ant task "om"
>note that this task will overwrite all Base* classes in your package, but not 
>any other class.
>then, use a mysql client to change your database. you can copy paste (most of) 
>the create statements from the script, just change CREATE to ALTER. in most 
>cases, this is enough.
>doing this saves all your data, and all changes to your persistence layer.
>hope that helps,
>On Wednesday 14 May 2003 16:55, Darrell B wrote:
>>I am a new user of torque and have successfully built the java classes
>>and mysql database from the pre built sql statements, but my concern is
>>the changing of the schema or data model as my project evolves.  My
>>question is: what is the best way to modify the model so the database
>>and java classes are in sync?  Should I make modifications to the xml
>>schema file and regenerate the java classes and rebuild the database
>>each time?  And will this make additions to the database, and java
>>classes or erase all current work by overwriting the files or dropping
>>the database tables?
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