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From Jenny Brown <je...@bigbrother.net>
Subject problem configuring data source
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 17:55:24 GMT
I'm using Torque stand-alone, and am having trouble getting the
data source factory configuration set up right.  Here's what I'm

DEBUG Thread-22 org.apache.torque.Torque (Torque.java:318) - handle:
 defaults DataSourceFactory: org.apache.torque.dsfactory.TorqueDataSourceFactory
DEBUG Thread-22 org.apache.torque.dsfactory.TorqueDataSourceFactory
  (TorqueDataSourceFactory.java:124) - Starting initCPDS

ERROR Thread-22 org.apache.torque.dsfactory.TorqueDataSourceFactory
(TorqueDataSourceFactory.java:139) - java.lang.NullPointerException at

 org.apache.torque.Torque.initDataSourceFactories(Torque.java:323) at
 org.apache.torque.Torque.initialize(Torque.java:237) at
 org.apache.torque.Torque.init(Torque.java:406) at
 org.apache.torque.Torque.init(Torque.java:386) at
 HelperServlet.handleRequest(HelperServlet.java:109) at
 ...  [more snipped]

I've tried setting all kinds of properties file keys for connections and
pools and yet thing null pointer keeps appearing.  I tried looking into
the source xreference on the site for clues but it seems to be out of
date; the line numbers don't match anything meaningful.

The result of this is that Torque can't get connection to the database,
which really limits its functionality (it works in most areas if I
pass my own connection in, but some functions don't allow that).

I'm really stuck on this, can't figure out what I am doing wrong that
the data source factory won't configure/init properly.

Ant can connect to my database just find with its build.properties.  I'm
calling Torque.init() with a path to a Torque.properties as well.  I am
certain the configuration is being read into torque because I can loop
through the keys and see them in debugging.  But somehow I'm missing
something that the datasource wants, and I don't know what.

Jenny Brown

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