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From Frederic Gedin <frederic.ge...@Jaluna.COM>
Subject Re: Map objects to different databases
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 07:59:02 GMT

Malte Stien wrote:

>Thank you for that. I will try this. In which file do I have to set the 
>following lines? Is that for the runtime in Torque.properties or for the code 
>generation in build.properties?
As this is something needed only for build, you should have these lines 
in your "build.properties" file.
One more comment: when building your databases, beware that each of them 
do have its own ID_TABLE table.

>>torque.schema.sql.excludes  = <the database you will build manually>
>>torque.schema.create-db.excludes = id-table-schema.xml, <the database
>>you will build manually>
>>torque.schema.init-sql.excludes = <the database you will build manually>
>Some questions remain:
>1. How do I deal with the two different databases during runtime?
>2. How do I initilize Torque to make it use both databases?
>3. And how do I specify which classes map to which database if I generate one 
>database manually?
Regarding the runtime usage of your two databases, your 
torque.properties file seems to be OK.

>Thank you very much for further advice.
You're welcome

Please let me know if you succeeded building your two databases 


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