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From Jon King <...@minaret.com>
Subject Re: No default values in my Object Model
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 19:05:39 GMT
This happens because the generated schema can specify defaults for integer
columns that are empty strings (i.e., default = "").  I'd like to be able to tell
the jdbc target to supress the generation of defaults but don't know how to do
this.  I end up stripping a lot of the default specification out of the xml with
a sed script.  If you eliminate the empty string defaults for integer columns,
the object model will build correctly.

David Hakim wrote:

>         Sorry if this a newbie question but I couldn't find anything on it in
> the docs or mail archive. I used torque to generate an XML schema file
> from an existing mysql database. I then generated the object model for
> that database. The object model however will not compile because there
> are syntax errors in the generated base classes:
>          /**
>           * The value for the print field
>           */
>          private int print = ;
>          /**
>           * The value for the condition field
>           */
>          private byte condition = ;
>         ...
> Any idea what would cause these errors in code generation ? I went
> through the same process with a SQLServer database the other day (even
> though there were a couple hangups there in getting torque to generate
> the XML from the existing mssql schema) however all the generated
> objects output and compiled correctly .
> Thoughts ?
> -Dave
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