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From Gabriel Bauman <g...@bravenet.com>
Subject Re: Cascading delete?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:52:46 GMT
> What database are you using? PostgreSQL supports cascading deletes
> nativly, but MySQL only does for InnoDB tables.... 

That would explain it, I was using MyIsam tables. Is there a proper 
place to specify table type in the database schema?

I was under the impression that this was a Torque feature, not a 
database feature. Sorry for the confusion.

Still, I haven't managed to get it working even with InnoDB tables. 
Working on that.

> I believe that Torque will silently ignore those options if the
 > target database doesn't support them.

Perhaps a DEBUG-level log event would be warranted whenever Torque 
'silently ignores' something?

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread, much appreciated.


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