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From "Will Glass-Husain" <wgl...@forio.com>
Subject Re: Torque project references, stability, reliability
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 20:33:28 GMT

We've used Torque extensively in the last 12 months as the O/R wrapper for
both a web site and a server application.  This includes use both within
Turbine and in separate applications.

I like these features
-- robust
-- reasonably well-documented
-- does the basics well (simple queries, insert/update, delete)
-- source code is very readable
-- generates Java source code from XML schema in a way that allows me to
easily update both
-- the Torque-user list is very helpful
-- Torque integrates very nicely with a MVC approach

A note on the last point.  A lot of our code involves a servlet processing
velocity pages.  The servlet can do a query, which generates a list of
objects mapped to records.  My velocity page can iterate through those
objects and display the properties with some very simple presentation layer
statements.  I've found this combination (Torque/Velocity/Servlet) to be
highly productive for basic data-backed applications.

I've been frustrated on these points

-- Doing queries with "ands" and "ors" is confusing and not robust.  The
"criteria" object is not easy to use for complex queries.

-- All the generated Java OM source code files inherit from a common Torque
class, making it hard to add new methods across the board.  This is
additonally difficult in the Peer classes in which the important methods
(e.g. doSelect) are static.

-- I've submitted a few small patches for bug fixes and simple feature
enhancements, and have had difficulty getting any of the committers to pay
attention.  (to be fair, I haven't tried in a while).

Hope this is useful.  I'm currently doing a project using Hibernate, just to
compare and see the difference.

Be glad to answer any questions on my experience.

Best, WILL

P.S.  A couple of example apps:

http://broadcast.forio.com/discuss  (fairly simple discussion board)
http://broadcast.forio.com (business simulation development/hosting,
requires registration)

Forio Business Simulations
Will Glass-Husain

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