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From "Michael Schifferdecker" <michael.schifferdec...@gmx.de>
Subject mySQL / innoDB and transactions with Torque
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 09:35:29 GMT

I have just successfully committed / rolled back some entries to a mySQL
4 database with innoDB tables using the transaction features of Torque

So in general transactions with mySQL (innoDB) / Torque seem to work.

Because I'd rather call myself a rookie in terms of Torque... some

.: Does someone have experience with transactions on mySQL (innoDB)
using Torque?
--> "real" multiuser environment (I will maybe use Torque inside a
Struts web app soon)

.: Is there a possibility to set the isolation level somehow? (code

.: Should I use a different database when I want to use the
transactional features of Torque?
--> transaction features of mySQL/innoDB are "quite new"!?

Thanks for your help.



Michael Schifferdecker
S2, 2 - 68161 Mannheim

Tel.:  0621-3974392
Mobil: 0178-4581747
eMail: mschiffe@uni-mannheim.de

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