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From Fred Gerson <fredg...@wrath.forked.net>
Subject order by column problem
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 08:32:19 GMT
Hey All,

I'm porting an app from Turbine 2.1 to Turbine 2.2 and I'm having trouble
with the Criteria object's addAscendingOrderByColumn() method. I have the
below code that worked fine in 2.1 but now breaks in 2.2

Criteria criteria = new Criteria();
return AffinityinfoPeer.doSelect(criteria);

The doSelect() method above works fine if I comment out the two orderBy
lines above it. The doSelect() method will also work fine if I just do a
criteria.add(column, someValue) with the two columns above and no
ordering.  However when I call addAscendingOrderByColumn for some reason
this kills the criteria object - calling toString() on the criteria object
returns a string with no SQL in it. Has anyone else had trouble with this
method in Torque 3.0?  Am I overlooking something silly? Please Help.



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