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From Kurt Schrader <kschra...@karmalab.org>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Colle-SQL v0.1.1 Released
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 18:09:56 GMT
Why not just help out with Torque instead of building such a similar
project?  Don't we have enough Object/Relational mapping layers already?


On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Dwayne Schultz wrote:

> The Colle team is proud to announce the release of Colle v0.1.1
> including Colle-SQL.
> http://colle.sourceforge.net/
> Torque users and developers may find Colle-SQL of interest because of
> it's similarity to Torque.  In fact, when we learned of Torque several
> months ago the similarity took us by surprise.
> Colle-SQL is smaller than Torque and supports far fewer database
> systems (only MySQL and Oracle currently) but accomplishes many of the
> same tasks.
> The pattern applied in Colle-SQL is very similar to the pattern used in
> Torque -- define a problem set in XML, validate the XML and generate
> lots of common code.  This pushes Java's strong type checking out to
> the database and back, thereby catching many bugs at compile time.
> Some of the differences between Colle-SQL and Torque are Colle uses one
> file per table or view and a database schema is a collection of tables
> and views in one folder.  Torque criteria are replaced by lookup and
> delete methods defined in the table or view.  Lookup and delete methods
> contain simple WHERE clauses so there will be some trade offs in
> portability.  But there are no bizarre side effects as is mentioned in
> "The Gory Details" of the Torque Tutorial.  Joins are implemented in
> views which further simplifies the Torque criteria issue.
> I am announcing Colle on this mailing list because I feel this release
> will be of interest to Torque users *and* developers.  My hope is that
> both projects can grow from each other.
> More information about Colle-SQL can be found here:
> http://colle.sourceforge.net/about/sql.shtml
> Colle started as a closed-source ASP project.  Certain reusable
> portions of the project are now being released under an OSI approved
> BSD license.  Future releases will focus on applying the same
> XML/validation/code pattern to web forms, web presentation and
> middleware protocols.
> Let us know what you think.  Feedback can be sent to me at
> dwayne@schultz.net or to colle-info@lists.sourceforge.net.
> Dwayne Schultz
> Architect
> ================================
> Use the right kind of glue
> http://colle.sf.net
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