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From "Mirna Ajanovic" <m_ajano...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: ResourceNotFoundException when running with mssql
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 17:34:30 GMT
I'm just trying to run the tutorial and following the instructions specified
on the torque home page.

My setup is as follows:
Torque 3.0
Ant 1.5.1
Java 1.4.1_01
Windows 2000 Professional
SQL server 5.0

I do not have any of the following installed: Turbine, TDK, Maven

When I looked into sql\db-init\mssql directory there was no createdb.vm file
in it.  It only had unix.vm and windows.vm, while the directories for other
databases had this file as well.  Since I'm running on windows I copied
windows.vm and renamed it to createdb.vm. It was still giving me the error
that the database bookstore does not exist in sysdatabases, so I went to sql
server enterprise manager and created the database manually.  Now when I
execute 'ant -f build-torque.xml create-db' I get this:
C:\Tools\torque\3.0>ant -f build-torque.xml create-db
Buildfile: build-torque.xml


[torque-data-model] Generating to file
[torque-data-model] Resolver: used database.dtd from
org.apache.torque.engine.database.transform package
[torque-data-model] Resolver: used database.dtd from
org.apache.torque.engine.database.transform package
[torque-data-model] Resolver: used database.dtd from
org.apache.torque.engine.database.transform package
     [echo]       Executing the create-db.sql script ...
      [sql] Executing file: C:\Tools\torque\3.0\src\sql\create-db.sql
      [sql] Failed to execute: ECHO Not implemented
      [sql] java.sql.SQLException: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Not'.
Severity 15, State 1, Procedure 'GLEWIS2\SWAPTHING null', Line 1
      [sql] 0 of 1 SQL statements executed successfully

Total time: 5 seconds

I looked into the create-db.sql file and this is the only line that's in it:
ECHO Not implemented

Am I doing something wrong?  I would greatly appreciate someone's help who
ahs successfully managed to run the tutorial with sql server.


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From: "Eric Emminger" <eric@ericemminger.com>
To: "Turbine Torque Users List" <torque-user@db.apache.org>
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: ResourceNotFoundException when running with mssql

> Mirna
> Assuming you're using Torque 3.0, make sure you're using Ant >= 1.5.1.
> If that doesn't work, please, include more information on your versions.
> For example, here is my setup.
> ----- setup -----
> Torque 3.0
> Turbine 2.2
> TDK 2.2_01
> PostgreSQL 7.3.2
> Ant 1.5.1
> Maven 1.0-beta-8
> Java 1.4.1_01
> Linux
> Does that help?
> Eric
> Mirna Ajanovic wrote:
> > I'm new to torque and am trying to run the tutorial.  I have managed to
> > successfully run the following command running torque with sql server:
> > ant -f build-torque.xml.  But when I try to create the database with
> > command: ant -f build-torque.xml create-db, I get the following error
> >
> > file:C:/Tools/torque/3.0/build-torque.xml:285: Exception thrown by
> > 'generator.parse'. For more information consult the velocity log, or
> > ant with the -debug flag.
> >         at
> > org.apache.velocity.texen.ant.TexenTask.execute(TexenTask.java:564)
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