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From "Chris K Chew" <ch...@fenetics.com>
Subject RE: Joins using Criteria ?
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 16:31:48 GMT
Criteria objects will replace SQL in all but the most extreme cases.  Take
another look at the Peers Howto
(http://db.apache.org/torque/peers-howto.html), specifically in the "Joins
And Linking Objects" section.  I will repeat the concept below because
sometimes it helps to hear it another way...

If you simply want to pull a field from a related object, use the
<foreign-key> tag in your schema to relate them.  When generating your peers
and classes, this will provide a get<RelatedObject>() or
get<RelatedObject>s() in the objects which you can use to access the foreign
object, and thus the foreign field.

For example, I have a Customer and a BuilderRegistration.  BR's are related
to C's by CUSTOMER_ID.  Say I want the name of the customer that registered
a particular builder:

	<foreign-key foreignTable="CUSTOMER">
		<reference local="CUSTOMER_ID" foreign="CUSTOMER_ID"/>

Criteria crit = new Criteria();

List results = BuilderRegistrationPeer.doSelect(crit);
BuilderRegistration breg = (BuilderRegistration)results.get(0);
System.out.println("BREG " + builderRegId + " belongs to Customer " +

I hope this helps,


> From: goffredo
> I have been reading the documentation on using Criteria objects
> with Torque,
> but can't find an example of a join of say three or four tables
> that returns
> all the columns of the three or four tables that satisfy the
> conditions of the
> query. The examples illustrate multiple joins, but retrieve
> information from
> only one of the tables in the join, because the doSelect() method
> is attached
> to Peer classes only. Or am I expected to add tables to my
> database to handle
> this kind of situation?
> I am not sure from reading the documentation if the use of
> Criteria is designed
> to replace SQL ... or if Criteria form a more limited subset of SQL.
> Regards
> Goffredo

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