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From David Hainlin <dhain...@attbi.com>
Subject Re: Q: Joins using Criteria ?
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 02:30:18 GMT
One way to approach this is to create a view which joins the req'd 
tables and then define the torque object based on the view.
Works pretty well but there may be other ways too...

goffredo wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have been reading the documentation on using Criteria objects with Torque,
>but can't find an example of a join of say three or four tables that returns
>all the columns of the three or four tables that satisfy the conditions of the
>query. The examples illustrate multiple joins, but retrieve information from
>only one of the tables in the join, because the doSelect() method is attached
>to Peer classes only. Or am I expected to add tables to my database to handle
>this kind of situation?  
>I am not sure from reading the documentation if the use of Criteria is designed
>to replace SQL ... or if Criteria form a more limited subset of SQL. 
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