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From Jean-Marc Lavoie <jeanmarc.lav...@videotron.ca>
Subject Re: UML/XMI/JMI and Torque
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 18:07:35 GMT
I don't know if ti is exactly what you are looking for, but some month 
ago a guy talked about a gui that allow you to draw your scheme and 
generate DB based on Torque. I don't know if it read XMI,  but it's a 
nice UI. The link is the following:


I did not tried the tool so if you try it, let me know.

Also, Together have some reporting facility that can be twisted to 
generated the Torque XML schema.

Owens, Ryan wrote:

>I've been using torque for a while and love it. 
>What drove me to torque in the first place was the idea of having all of a system's objects/models
defined in XML and then generated for me. This process is extremely helpful to me in visualizing
a system's model. So the logical next step is to have a tool to do this visually. (And then
print out model charts/schemas and all kinds of cool stuff)
>As a study, I'm using Poseidon UML to draw up UML versions of some example systems (like
Bookstore). Poseidon (based on ArgoUML) saves out to an XMI file (XML Metadata Interchange).
Basically all the same information exists in the XMI and Torque project-schema.xml files,
but obviously in very different ways.
>So the questions is, does anyone know about an effort to load an XMI file into torque?
>So far I haven't found anything and am looking into a way to do this. Wouldn't it be cool
to model your schema in Poseidon (or any other tool that uses XMI, I believe Rational does)
and then be able to use it with Torque!
>This could be done in a number of ways, but my current bias would be to use the Jave Metadata
Interface (JMI).
>My research is only just beginning but it seems that JMI can load XMI..  and I could then
feasibly generate a torque project-schema.xml file from there.
>And one step further..  does anyone know what Torque's metamodel is based on? I know what
the project-schema.xml file looks like of course, but I've no idea what torque does with that
>So I guess the question is, does/could Torque make use of JMI internally to represent
its metamodel, and possibly leverage any future JMI tools?
>Ok, sorry to subject you all to my brainstorms. Does this kind of thing belong on the
dev list instead?
>   Ryan Owens
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