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From Jim Schneider <jschnei...@kjinteractive.com>
Subject Re: generate data migration scripts
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 02:23:49 GMT
Not overly familiar with Torque, and there may be easier ways, but one 
possibility could be:

1. Query database 1 and store the results in XML
2. Write an XSLT file to transform the XML results from database 1 into 
XML valid for database 2 (depending on the differences between the two, 
that may or may not be a lot of hand-coding).
3. Transform the database 1 XML into database 2 XML
4. Insert the new XML into database 2

I'm not sure whether step 4 is possible with Torque (and it requires 
some XSLT knowledge), and it may just push the drudgery to a different task.


Phillip Rhodes wrote:

>I am using torque, and sometimes I change my data model and need to write
>a bunch of insert/select statements that select from one database and
>insert into the other, with perhaps some handcrafting in the sql to
>provide for the addition columns.
>It would be nice if torque could generate some data migration scripts that
>could be hand tweaked.
>Sort of like this:
>insert into new_db.orders(x,y,z)
>select x,y,z from old_db.orders;
>Thanks for any pointers.  It's such a drudgery to do these scripts.
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Jim Schneider
KJ Interactive, Inc.

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