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From Alexander Rau <ra...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: obtaining native primary keys problem
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 00:45:14 GMT
Quinton McCombs wrote:
> I am using Oracle with native id generation without a problem.  

I reread my mail where I said that native id generation would not work. 
I think it did not make clear enough that it is a "native id generation 
problem" if a dbadapter with IDMethodType=ID_METHOD_NONE (implementation)

A list of databases using this type:

This is a list of Databases which use ID_METHOD_NONE:
- Axion
- DB2App/Net
- Informix
- InstantDB
- Interbase
- Weblogic

Probably this thread should go to the torque-devel list... dunno.
At least it would be interesting how this sequence stuff is managed.

I think Oracle uses "select sequencename.nextval from dual" as sql 
string for new pkID retrieval.

I had a short look at the equivalent DB2 sql string but I didn't really 
get it (because of the where clausel at the end.)

Regards, Alex

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