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From "Michael Schmitt" <mi.schm...@gmx.de>
Subject How to read/write images to/from db
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 13:11:17 GMT
probably, this is not the right mailing list for my question, but since I
use Torque to access the data, I hope that someone may answer my
My schema schema definition looks something like this:
  <table name="item">
    <column name="id" required="true" type="INTEGER" primaryKey="true"/>
    <column name="picture" required="false" type="BLOB"/>
(db: MySql)

I want to write a JSP/Servlet (running on tomcat 4.1.18) that shows the
and the image of an 'Item'. But I don't know how to get the image from the
Do I have to write a servlet that delivers the image? If so, how to write
Also, I want to offer another JSP/HTML or whatever that enables a user to
upload the image. But I don't know to upload and how to write it to the db.
generated Java-class offers the method 'setPicture(byte[])', but where to
get the
byte[] from?

Any help will be welcomed,

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